Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hate Crime Against Transgender Student at California State University, Long Beach: Please Share!!!

(This message was collected from Facebook; hence, the FB references.)

The following message was sent in an email by the UCR LGBT Resource Center on April 23, 2010 to students on the UCR LGBT Center listserv. This revolting attack on a FTM (Female to Male) student at Cal State Long Beach is appalling, cowardly, hateful, and cannot remain hidden from public view. There needs to be an outcry from ALL PEOPLE, Queer or Straight, student and non-student against this hatred, ignorance, and cruelty. I am as solemn about this attack, as I am angry. I am as appalled as I am saddened. I am determined to make this attack known to as many as I can. Please stand with me and write a similar note that brings light to this heartless attack--or share this one. Let all those on Facebook see what members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community (and many other oppressed people) face on a daily basis just for being who they are...I am tagging as many people as I can in this note, with the hope that those who were tagged and those who weren't, will read it and rewrite it, tagging others, and so on. UCR students, faculty, and staff, please feel free to write something to the victim by writing him a card, message, etc. (or where your creativity takes you) to show your support, love, and affirmation and turning it in to the LGBT Resource Center. I am constantly reminded by Harvey Milk's words during times like these, in which he said, "Hope will never be silent.”

In Love and Solidarity,

Vince Michael Pancucci

"We've received confirmation of a violent attack against a trans FTM
student at Cal State Long Beach that happened a few days ago. The
student was attacked on his way to the bathroom. The attackers beat
him, ripped off his clothes and carved the word "IT" into his chest.

As a recent facebook note expressed, "When someone is attacked it is
painful, scary, and difficult to get over. When someone is attacked
because they are hated for their identity...for simply being
themselves, the horror and sense of isolation goes well beyond a
simple attack. This has not only affected him, but sent a ripple
through our community, because somehow we all know it could have been
us. Please reach out to this man and let him know he is not alone.
Tell him that for the few people that expressed their hate of him,
there are hundreds of us that support and care for him."

We are working with UC Irvine's LGBT Resource Center to collect cards,
messages, etc. to be given to the man assaulted. If you have something
to share, please drop it off by Wednesday evening at the LGBTRC in 245
Costo Hall. We are respecting the privacy of the student, so we do not
have a name to share.

After what he has been through, he could use our support."

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