Sunday, April 11, 2010

Capture The Flag

This Thursday at 7pm we are playing Capture The Flag in Downtown Mt. Pleasant! Come join in!

Red vs. blue, identifiers will be provided and must be visible at all times.

Flag has to always be in plain sight, in boundaries, and on your side. However, players may exit boundaries at any time.

When tagged on the opponent’s side, you will be escorted to their jail (jails location is decided by the territories team), where you must stay until another member of your team tags you. Then, you get a free walk back to your side. While walking back, raise your hands into the air so other players know you’re returning.

When you find the enemy flag, you must return to your flag without getting tagged. ANY PLAYER HOLDING THE FLAG CAN BE TAGGED WHERE EVER THEY ARE, RED OR BLUE SIDE.

(About every hour we will be checking in at the X, bring a watch if you want to note these check-ins)

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